SIP Trunks For Dialers For PBX DIDs

International SIP Trunks for Dialers and PBX, DIDs & SMS

What is a SIP Trunk?

  • A SIP Trunk is a Voice over Internet (VoIP) account that lets you make and receive calls using your dialer or PBX.
  • International Call centers will usually require a SIP Trunk for their dialers that lets them make high volume calls all over the world
  • Businesses will prefer the SIP trunk for their PBX that provides high quality world-wide voice termination
  • Incoming numbers (DIDs) from all over the world will help you establish a local presence for your business abroad
  • We also provide 2 way SMS service for you to connect with your prospects and customers all over the world

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International VoIP Service @ Local Rates!

Linq, India's favorite SIP trunk provider lets your dialer and PBX make calls all over the world. We also provide incoming numbers (DIDs) from 50+ countries and worldwide 2 way SMS services.

Realtime Reports and Self Management

Real time reports online give you visibility into usage
Preset-able multiple alerts to help you manage your calling credit
SIP Account Self Management tools for maximum compatibility
Rule based CallerID Settings
Subscribe for Incoming Numbers (DIDs) from 50+ Countries

Separate SIP trunks for Call Centers and for Corporates

SIP Trunk for Dialers - Rs 0.29 per minute

  • A-Z VoIP termination starting at Rs0.29/minute
  • Three rate decks available - Premium, Standard and Discount
  • Rate decks can be switched per call by prefix
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SIP Trunk for PBX - Rs 0.50 per minute

  • Worldwide SIP Termination starting at Rs0.50/minute
  • Enables any SIP device such as IP PBX to make low cost International Calls
  • No setup or registration charge!
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Inbound DIDs - Rs 250 per number

  • Inbound numbers and toll free from 56 countries
  • PSTN Forwarding, hunting and voicemail for your numbers
  • Choice of per minute or per channel plans
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Inbound DIDs - 2 way SMS services

  • Mobile numbers from an expanding number of countries available
  • Mobile number support receiving and sending of SMS
  • Speak to our helpdesk for your requirements
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