International Trunk

International Calls @ Local Rates!
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Linq, India's favorite SIP trunk provider lets your dialer and PBX make calls all over the world. We also provide incoming numbers (DIDs) from 50+ countries and worldwide 2 way SMS services.
Linq provides 3 outbound International Internet telephony rate decks for dialers - Premium, Standard and Discount. All rate sheets can be used simultaneously by setting prefix.
  • 3 outbound rate decks
  • Rates start @ 29p/min
  • Rate decks chosen by prefix
  • 6/6 billing
  • Online console
  • Virtually unlimited channels
This plan lets your business call worldwide at local rates. Call rates begin at Rs0.50/minute. This tariff can be used as a trunk with virtually unlimited channels, as well as be used on customer provided software or hardware such as an IP PBX.
  • Worldwide calls from 50p/min
  • Receive return calls
  • Worldwide Incoming numbers
  • Worldwide Tollfree numbers
  • Full talk time
  • Free demo available
Linq provides inbound DIDs from 56 countries and toll free numbers from 45. Choose between per minute cost or unlimited per channel cost. We also provide PSTN Forwarding, hunting and voicemail services for your DIDs. Mobile numbers in many countries allow you incoming SMS service
  • DIDs from 56 countries
  • Tollfree from 45 countries
  • PSTN Forwarding of DID
  • Hunting and Voicemail
  • Mobile numbers available
  • Incoming SMS support


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Real time reports online give you visibility into usage
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Presetable multiple alerts to help you manage your calling credit
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SIP Account Self Management tools for maximum compatibility
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Rule based CallerID Settings
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3 outbound rate decks selectable on call by call basis by prefix for Call Centers
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Worldwide calling from 50p/min for Corporates
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Subscribe for Incoming Numbers (DIDs) from 50+ Countries
"Very user friendly, cost effective, good network and very helpful staff."

Yasmin Elavia

Cloud Hosted PBX

PBX for High Volume International Calling
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Linq's Cloud Hosted PBX is perfect for companies and call centers with high volume International calling requirements. It's low cost International SIP Trunk lets you make outgoing calls all over the world at local rates. It can also provide you Incoming Numbers from 50+ countries to provide you a local presence in multiple countries. It scales effortlessly from 5 to 1500 users. It's browser phone allows you to operate without additional hardware such as SIP phones if needed.
Linq's Hosted PBX brings you all the capabilities required to establish as local telephony presence in markets worldwide, such as International calling at local rates, incoming calls on local numbers, local callerID and 2 way SMS on mobile numbers
  • Low International call rates
  • Numbers from 50+ Countries
  • Set Local CallerID on calls
  • 2 way SMS capability
Linq's Hosted PBX's features are curated for the task of High Volume International Telephony
  • Administer Calling with ease
  • Handle Calls Countrywise
  • Monitor High Number of Users
  • Free Trial Available


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Ultra Low Cost International Calling
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Local numbers from 50+ countries
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Set Local CallerID on outbound calls
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2 way SMS capability
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Administer Outbound Calling with ease
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Low Setup time
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Low/No Investment Model
"Linq's International PBX is a must for any export house."

Sriram Shetty


Unlimited International Calls!
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Linq's VoIP is an international Internet phone service with unlimited ISD calls for a monthly fee. Our phone attaches directly to your broadband connection; no computer needed. 3 plans cover every need. Our payment structure and money back policy make it easy to try our service.
This plan buys you unlimited calling to USA, Canada, UK landline, China and Singapore for just Rs250/month. Other destinations can be called beginning from Rs0.99/min. Easy payment terms make it risk free to try the service. Service loaded with features such as return call, conference call etc.
  • 5 destinations unlimited
  • Low monthly fee
  • No computer needed
  • 100% return policy
  • As clear as a land-line
  • Super upgrade options
This plan buys you unlimited calling to most major destinations across the globe for just Rs500/month!
  • 35 destinations unlimited
  • Low monthly fee
  • No computer needed
  • 100% return policy
  • As clear as a land-line
  • Super upgrade options
This plan lets your business call worldwide at local rates. Call rates begin at Rs0.50/minute. This tariff can be used as a trunk with virtually unlimited channels, as well as be used on customer provided software or hardware such as an IP PBX.
  • Call rates from Rs0.40
  • No computer needed
  • As clear as a land-line
  • All features enabled
  • Full Talk Time
  • Detailed Statement


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Unlimited worldwide calling for a one time payment
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100% money-back guarantee
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VoIP phone provided, no computer needed
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Plug and play installation procedure
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As clear as a land-line, or your money back
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Detailed monthly statements
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Optional feature: Receive return calls after you have called someone
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Optional priority call barge feature
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3 party and multiparty conference feature
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Optional incoming numbers from 50 countries to receive calls
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Toll-free numbers also available to give your business the added edge
"I found it clearer than the local phone company."

Lincoln Coehlo


Complete solution for your Call Centre!
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Linq's Hosted Dialer can switch between predictive, auto, manual, preview & broadcast modes. It can blend outbound and inbound to the same agents using calls, email, SMS and chat! Our Testimonial Thirsty® helpdesk will help you use its features to satisfy any need. Related telephony services help you start fast. There is no setup fee, contracts or minimums. An online demo with a telephonic walk-through make it easy to try.
Linq provides hosted/virtual predictive & auto dialers for International Call Centers for Rs2/hr per agent with no setup charges, monthly minimum or contract. The ability to use cheap broadband connections and related services virtually eliminate startup time and cost. Upgrades and CRM integration make this a full contact center. Its capacity grows in easy steps from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 440 agents.
  • Hourly hosted Dialers!
  • Multi Mode
  • Omni Channel
  • Voice, Email, SMS & Chat
  • Full Service
  • Zero Capex
Linq's Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) goes beyond calls to include email, sms & chat. This multichannel incoming funnel is distributed amongst your agents using advanced skills based routing strategies.
Linq's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows callers to interact with your phone system using their phone keypad. Complete programmability and access to scripts ensures that your IVR can act as an Automated Attendant and respond dynamically to the most demanding requirements.
  • Virtually unlimited numbers
  • Skill based distribution
  • Full Recording
  • Agent Scripts
  • Call Timers
  • Menu Time Outs
Use Linq voice broadcasting system to play a message to thousands of people in a short time, to leave messages in mailboxes, to conduct automated surveys or for a "press 1" type of campaign where the listener can press a digit to speak to your agent after the message. Capacity scales from 25 to 2400 simultaneous lines! Call charges start from Rs0.56/min (USA)! Text to speech is an added option. Demo available.
  • "Press 1" campaigns
  • Play message to thousands
  • Conduct automated surveys
  • Text to speech
  • Leave voicemail
  • Free trial available


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Dialer based on Vicidial, world's most popular dialer
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OmniChannel: Inbound, Outbound and Blended call, email, chat and SMS handling
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MultiMode: Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast and predictive dialing
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Full USA FTC-compliance capability
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Single tenanted for maximum TCPA compliance
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Web-based agent and administrative interfaces
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Ability to have agents operate remotely
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Integrated call recording
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Three-Way calling within the agent application
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Scheduled Callbacks: Agent-Only and Anyone
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Hourly billed hosted dialer with no monthly minimums
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Free dialers on purchase of minutes
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Full Service: A range of related services help you put things together and start fast
"One of the things that has impressed us more than when we have used other dialers is your tech support is always available if we encounter issues and your willingness to work with our group... we are quite happy with the system, in terms of cost, ease of use and again support."

Steve Ball

Dialer SIP Trunk
International Termination for Call Centres
Hourly Hosted Dialer
Predictive Dialer for Rs2 per hour
Unlimited VoIP
Unlimited International Calling
Linq brings you the power of Internet communications