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Linq provides hosted/virtual predictive & auto dialers for International Call Centers for Rs2/hr per agent with no setup charges, monthly minimum or contract. The ability to use cheap broadband connections and related services virtually eliminate startup time and cost. Upgrades and CRM integration make this a full contact center. Its capacity grows in easy steps from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 440 agents.

Benefits of Hosted Dialer

Low cost10 seat dialer costs just Rs20/hour of use. Assuming an 8 hour shift for 22 days a month, it will cost you just 20x8x22=Rs3520 per month! Dialer has stop/start button in your web console.
No investmentJust fund your account for the hourly rent and minutes and you are ready to go. We will also provide free training to your dialer administrator.
Low setup timeDialer can be ready for use in less than an hour. Also, since it can use readily available broadband connections you will not be delayed by the lengthy procedure of getting a leased line/T1/E1.
High ScalabilityHosted Dialers scale from 5 to 440 agents (and more!) in easy steps and in a matter of minutes. This lets you start small and grow with your process.
Cheap bandwidthHosted dialers can use cheap and readily available broadband connections instead of leased lines/T1/E1s that are bit-for-bit more expensive.

Hosted Predictive Dialer Details

Dialer Features

Use of Hosted Dialer

Multi-Region Capability

Linq virtual dialers can be hosted out of more than 13 locations worldwide, ensuring lowest possible latency to the application. Dialer's location can be changed in minutes from your online console. The locations include:

Signing up for a free trial

Converting your free trial account to production

Pricing and Plans

There are two pricing options:
  • A'la carte: You pay separately for dialer and minutes. Gives you flexibility to use lower priced rate decks.
  • Unlimited: Unlimited premium USA/Canada/UK calling is included in the hourly price of the dialer.
Dialer CostSeatsLinesUnlimited CallsConfiguration
Rs10/hour525Rs100/hourSingle Server
Rs20/hour1050Rs200/hourSingle Server
Rs30/hour1575Rs300/hourSingle Server
Rs40/hour20100Rs400/hourSingle Server
Rs60/hour30150Rs600/hourSingle Server
Rs80/hour40200Rs800/hourSingle Server
Rs120/hour60300Rs1200/hourSingle Server
Rs160/hour80400Rs1600/hourSingle Server
Rs320/hour152800Rs3200/hourMaster + Slave
Rs480/hour2241200Rs4800/hourMaster + 2 Slaves
Rs640/hour2961600Rs6400/hourMaster + 3 Slaves
Rs800/hour3682000Rs8000/hourMaster + 4 Slaves
Rs960/hour4402400Rs9600/hourMaster + 5 Slaves
  1. All lines on a plan are available even if all agents are not logged in.
  2. USA/Canada/UK Fixed are included in "Unlimited Calls" option. Other destinations have huge discount.
  3. GST at applicable rates is extra for users in India.

Sample Outbound Rates

United Kingdom0.290.340.390
New Zealand0.890.940.990.5
United Kingdom Mobile1.391.441.490.99
  1. Discount, Standard and Premium rates are applicable for the A'la carte dailer option.
  2. See detailed tariff sheet for more rates. Choose the deck via drop down on right.
  3. In Unlimited option you pay a higher hourly charge for dialer, but get free US/Can/UK calling and a lower rate for other destinations
  4. Unlimited outbound option also gives you unlimited free incoming from US/Canada/UK.
Call sales at +91 22 24216325 or send an email to for more info